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  • What is dry eye like?

  • How do I find out for sure if I have it?

  • What kind of doctor should I see?

  • How can drippy, wet eyes be "dry eye"?

  • What eyedrops can I safely use?

  • Any prevention tips?

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  • Reading material to get up to speed quickly

  • Why you need a detailed diagnosis

  • Doctor visits: Who to see, how to prepare, what to tell, what to ask

  • Navigating treatment decisions

  • Managing eye comfort safely

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  • NEW! Audio track

  • Why is it so hard? Is there hope?

  • I've tried everything. What now?

  • Improving comfort, day and night

  • Workplace and travel

  • Depression and dry eye

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For PROSE & scleral lenses users

Dry Eye Glossary

Saw something mentioned in a group or forum, and didn't know what they meant? Getting lost in the terminology?

Visit our dry eye glossary, where you can look up unfamiliar words about dry eye anatomy, disease, diagnosis, and treatment!

TFOS Reports

Access the complete TFOS reports here, including:

  • TFOS DEWS II (2017)

  • TFOS Intl. Workshop on Contact Lens Discomfort (2013)

  • TFOS Intl. Workshop on MGD (2011)

In memoriam

Perry Rosenthal MD, founder of Boston Foundation for Sight in 1992, passed away on March 10, 2018. He was dearly loved by his patients, including the many with severe dry eye and corneal neuralgia patients he helped during his long and distinguished career.
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No blink, no tears. 


A little shop talk

Our dry eye shop is not just about selling stuff. It’s about educating, and helping each other learn new strategies. We appreciate your patronage of our shop because this is how we pay for the Dry Eye Zone website and all of Rebecca’s work in education, advocacy, research and writing.

NIGHTS: Learn about protective masks, goggles, shields, tapes, and patches for night dry eye, and how to assess your needs and choose the product or strategy most likely to suit you.

DROPS, GELS, OINTMENTS: Learn about the differences between drops with our handy ingredient reference list. Browse and compare brands and types. Look out for preservatives!

PROSE & Sclerals: One-stop shopping for all the obscure items that you probably can’t find in drugstores. Use our articles and detailed descriptions to learn all about options you may not have even heard of.

LIDS: No more baby shampoo, please! Learn about safe, effective and comfortable eyelid care practices.

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