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The Dry Eye Zone is a resource center for people with severe or chronic dry eye who are looking for relief and treatment of dry eye resulting from systemic diseases (Sjogrens, RA, lupus, cGVHD, Stevens Johnson, thyroid disease, Bell's palsy), eye conditions (meibomian gland disease, blepharitis, ocular rosacea, corneal dystrophies), elective surgeries (LASIK, PRK, blepharoplasty), eyelid conditions (lagophthalmos, ptosis) medically necessary surgeries, drug side effects (antihistamines, diuretics, beta blockers), eye injuries and burns, chemotherapy and radiation, aging, menopause, or any others of the many causes of dry eye.

If you need...   Here's where to start...


Read My Dry Eye Triumphs, a growing collection of encouraging stories.

Community and Q&A   Visit Dry Eye Talk, our community forums & blogs.


Check out The Dry Eye Shop.This online store is full of specialty products to improve quality of life for people with dry eye syndrome and includes detailed, personalized advice about using them as well as extensive Q&A and reviews. Items include:

Patients with severe dry eye symptoms during the day, on the computer and at work should check out the new products in the Ziena eyewear line! These are really exciting as the first series of dry eye glasses that are more aesthetically suited to the workplace and indoors in general than the classic foam-lined goggly looking types of sunglasses with removable shields. Ziena eyewear has a removable semi opaque silicone shield to help retard tear evaporation. The Nereus is the first men's model on the market, brand new in Feb 2015, available in 4 colors, and the Verona is the first smaller ladies model, available in black and tortoise.



Dry eye news  

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Practical advice on living with dry eye


Rebecca's Coping 101 series:
- How to start feeling better right now
- How to get better care from your doctor
- How to find a better doctor

How to get a better diagnosis  

Did you know that if you've been told you have "dry eyes" you have NOT been diagnosed?
Click here for a detailed article to help you get real answers that can lead to more appropriate treatment.

Nifty tool for computer users  

Workrave - program that pops up a window and reminds you to take breaks, based on however you set it up. Useful for people with dry eye to remember to blink more frequently, apply drops, etc.

Treatment ideas  

You may THINK you've tried everything, but chances are there is far more available to try than you are aware of! Use our multi-tier treatment overview for new inspiration and items to explore with your doctor: Dry Eye Treatments

A dry eye friendly doctor   If you can't find a doctor near you, come to DRY EYE TALK and ask other patients for a recommendation in the Plug-A-Doc forum.

Easy ways to get educated about dry eye.

Detailed enough to be useful, readable enough to grasp quickly.


Dry Eye FAQ - All the basics about causes, symptoms, diagnosis, testing, medical treatments and natural treatments, plus links for more information
Dry Eye for Dummies - Get a better understanding of your disease by learning about the three layers of the tear film, what can go wrong with each, and how they can be treated.
Dry Eye Causes - Dry eye is often multi-factorial. Get a better understanding of the different types of things that might be playing a role in yours.
Dry Eye Symptoms - "Dry eye" is a misnomer. Read here about the wide variety of symptoms (including watery eyes) that many dry eye patients experience.
Dry Eye Treatments - a five-tier overview of treatments for moderate to severe dry eye. Do you have chronic dry eye?

Information on a specific topic of interest   Visit The Dry Eye Encyclopedia, or for new drugs, the Clinical Trial Roster

Use the Google search button at the top of the page, or

Visit Dry Eye Talk, search the archives, post questions

Dry eye tips: Practical strategies for day-to-day coping   Pain management tips - Collection of tips from our community about what they do when eye pain is driving them to distraction.
Surviving the office environment - Ideas for getting through the day stuck in an overheated dry eye office staring at the computer.
Dry eyes at night - Strategies for ensuring your eyes are well protected at night
Travelling with dry eyes - Suggested products and tips for coping with dry eyes in the air, in hotels and on the go in general
Depression and anxiety - Learn about why clinical depression and anxiety are so common amongst dry eye patients, how to be on the alert, and ideas for getting help

Stuff to make computer use easier



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Ziena Verona

Ziena Verona dry eye glasses retard tear evaporation rates to make computer use more comfortable. Visit for details


I don't know what I'm looking for - I'm just so miserably dry and I don't know what to do next.



Please come join our community forums. It's like an online support group and information center. Post a brief introduction of yourself in the Welcome Center and start connecting. Read some stories in Our Dry Eye Triumphs so you will know there is hope! If you're not web savvy or if the information on the internet is causing you more anxiety, feel free to email or call Rebecca (877-693-7939) for some suggestions.





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