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Survey: NuLids in the DryEyeShop? (2/2019)

Summarizing feedback on our quick survey about community opinions of adding NuLids to the DryEyeShop.

Survey: NuLids in the Dry Eye Shop? (2/2018)

What I know about NuLids

Based on the description above, is this something you might be interested in?

Does $350 seem like a reasonable price to pay for NuLids?

Do you feel it's appropriate for the DryEyeShop to offer this type of product?

Anything else you’d like to share?

  • I had a similar treatment a couple years ago at [omitted location], but have not returned due to the out-of-pocket costs.

  • Its a matter of how many patients can afford whether to stock or not.

  • It irritated my eyelids unfortunately so I opted to return the device.

  • I don't think NuLids would help evaporative dry eye. Might be helpful for those with frequent blepharitis.

  • How would a consumer know if they were a good candidate to use this device? How would a consumer learn how to PROPERLY us this device? What are the potential downsides to using this device?

  • It looks like it might knock the eye. Is that likely?

  • [Name omitted] is using it more as a tool to help remove keratin from the eyelids since his meibomian glands are destroyed, but [name omitted] thought it was doing a pretty good job for something we can do at home (she removes his keratin buildup about once a month). It's very easy to use, only complaint is [name omitted] said it is very "ticklish" or produces a buzzy sensation he doesn't like, but no biggie, goes away quickly.

  • I would like to know what the science is (studies) on its effectiveness.

  • If this really works, it could be a game changer for a lot of people (myself included)

  • Super interested to hear about your experience with this - glad you are talking about it - THANK YOU for all your work!

  • You had so much great info about MGD in your newsletter this week. I tried to have a Lipi-flow treatment a couple of years ago, but my eyes are too small for the insertion of the device. The products you wrote about today are so much less invasive. I'm excited about them. I'm curious when a patient has both aqueous deficiency (as in none) as well as MGD, do they still derive the benefit of having the improved MG flow? Thank you for all the info you provide. [name omitted]

  • I will ask my doctor about it, as I have an appointment already scheduled in about two weeks for a checkup. I feel like my MGD treatment is acceptable and being maintained ok but I’m interested in maybe trying this

  • This has nothing to do with this product, but I would like to thank you very much for the information you share in your newsletter. Because of your newsletter I was able to find a doctor who specializes in dry eye and am now beginning to get this under control. The very expensive "drugs" my regular eye doctor wanted me to use weren't really effective or I couldn't use them because they were so irritating to my eyes. My new doctor did a thorough examination, explained everything in detail and I now have hope that I will be able to get my dry eyes under control and have better vision!!!

  • No detailed description on website of instructions on how use device to that I could find. My doctor saw device at a conference and his questions about device weren't answered to his satisfaction. At this time he is not recommending this product. I believe the product is overpriced.

  • need more info

  • I agree with pushing products that keep us from having to visit the doctor for one more thing that can be done at home . Thank you for this perspective.

  • If this works, the price would definitely be worthwhile. I would be willing to try the product if they offered a liberal return policy.

  • Shipping for replacement tips was very high for a light weight item and doubling the size of the order doubles the shipping fee. They did decide after I asked about the cost, to ship free for a year. I think it is helping my dry eyes. I like being able to do it at home.

  • Even though I said $350 was not a reasonable price, if I was convinced it would work, I probably would pay it. My eyedrops are expensive and I would think of it as a money saver over time (lots of time).

  • If prescribed by my optometrist, it would run through my medical insurance and hopefully be covered. Or would it be covered under a flex plan? Both would help with the cost.

  • I fully support anything you believe is helpful for your shop and the Dry Eye community, so I’m offering sincere feedback because of my respect and admiration for you as a person, as well as your business. OK, here goes..... I think the price point, (plus the single use replacement tips) is totally OUTRAGEOUS!!!! I also feel a bit of concern about the potential infections & complications with using this device on high risk and vulnerable eyes. I also seriously worry that no matter how many times you say or put in writing, people will unfortunately still believe that you endorse this product because you sell it. I believe this is not in your company or your personal best interest, because It takes the risk away from the doctors and puts it on you. This could ultimately seriously damage your stellar, reputation through no fault of your own. I feel very uncomfortable writing such strong thoughts and opinions about this, and hope you know my intentions are all the best. I know there are risks with anything we do, as well as don’t do....... but this feels like a cheesy product, with nothing backing it up, and is also a complete rip off. I’m wondering if there is another alternative new product that may provide relief for some. I haven’t seen or read much about it in a while, it’s something you stick up your nose to stimulate tears!!! Sounds gross, but who knows!!!!! LOL!!!! Feel free to text, call or email anytime!!! Xoxo xoxo, [personal information omitted]

  • $320 for the device, then $1 a day +whatever for shipping for the disposable tips. For crissakes, the NuLids folks realize (as do most dry eye product promoters - not you, Rebecca!) how to take advantage of people who have suffered immensely with dry eye and will do almost anything to fix it, including going without food to buy this device. Yet, I don't see any money-back guarantee for the device, surprise, surprise. I noted that people with red, inflamed eyelids and/or eyes (also ones with rosacea) should not use NuLids. Wouldn't this exclude about 90% of DE patients?

  • It is something that may help some people BUT not sure they would pay that much for it?

  • I so appreciate your willingness to gather helpful information. I realize more and more I look at Dry Eye Shop to see what you feel works. Thank you!

  • I have been using NuLids for several months. My eyes feel a lot better and I am not buying ointments / gels any more.

  • If it works and would be available without going to the doctor it would be priceless

  • would like to see comments from people who are using it. How long has it been on the market?

  • I'm interested in anything worthwhile that can be done at home. Frankly, I've had it with both the cost and travel time from the small town where I live to the specialists who offer expensive dry eye treatments whose efficacy is short-lived and I've tried a number of them-

  • Thank you for researching these kinds of things.

  • I had seen videos online claiming NuLids would increase meibum release from the glands. That has NOT happened with me. My lid margins are cleaner, but meibomium glands are still not releasing oil.

  • This device is amazing! My eyes feel the best they ever have!

  • Works great. Easy to use.

  • People who live with dry eyes should look into Nulids, it's simple to use and it's effective. Takes only a couple minutes a day nowadays, it used to takes me more time to use eye drops multiple times per day and i had to constantly stock up to make sure but since i was introduced to Newlids by our family eye Dr. [name omitted], i decided to invest in Newlids and it's the answer to the dryness of my eyes that often bothered me through out the day, worse when i travel.

  • I was a bit skeptical about spending the money on the NuLids for fear that I would not use it and/or it would not help. Wrong! I am amazed at how much it has helped and I am happy to use it.

  • When you have this problem, anything that works is feasible even if it is costly. For people without the monetary means it would be a HUGE cost. I'd like to know how much the replacement tips cost. Is it painful and how well does it work? I also think the general ophthalmologist would never order this.

  • $350 is rather pricey since each tip is one-time use at $1 each.

This dry eye was survey conducted by:

The Dry Eye Shop


February 21-March 2, 2019



Rebecca’s note

I appreciate all the feedback so much! At this time I’ve decided I will definitely be keeping a close eye on NuLids and learning more, but I am not going to offer it for ordinary retail sale in the shop. I am looking into stocking it specifically for doctors who are training their patients on it, however.

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