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Index of dry eye and scleral lens patient surveys.

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Dry Eye Surveys

Lubricant usage during the day
12/2018 - 1/2019
221 participants
Question: On average, how often do you use eye lubricants during the day?

Night dry eye protection
561 participants
Questions: What do you put IN your eyes at night? What do you put OVER your eyes at night?

Eyelid care
369 participants
Question: Blepharitis/MGD patients, what do you use to clean your eyelids?

Medical care
173 participants
Question: How many doctors have you seen for dry eye?


Scleral Lens Surveys

Scleral lens removing, rinsing & refilling
430 participants
Questions: Do you have to remove, rinse, refill and re-insert your lenses during the day? If so, why? Do you also clean them before re-inserting? To what extent is this issue a problem for you?

Scleral lens wear time
335 participants
Questions: How many hours, on average, do you wear your scleral lenses each day? Which factors limit your lens wear time?

Saline preferences for filling scleral lenses
215 participants
Questions: Which saline do you use most frequently to fill your lenses? Do you add something to the saline? If so, what? Do you use something instead of saline? Which saline do you prefer to travel with?

Scleral lens insertion difficulty
358 participants
Question: How long did it take you to learn to insert your scleral lenses with confidence?

Scleral lens insertion technique
290 participants
Question: What do you use to insert your scleral lenses?


About these surveys

These surveys are conducted by The Dry Eye Shop on behalf of The Dry Eye Zone. Please feel free to use the survey data so long as you attribute it to us and link back to the page here where the survey results are hosted. You may also submit survey requests. For further information, please contact us.