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Study - Ocular GvHD

Ocular GvHD study

If you suffer from ocular GvHD (graft-v-host disease) and do not wear scleral lenses, PROSE or other contacts of any kind, you might want to consider participating in this very interesting clinical trial. It involves 8 weeks on a new eye drop. We’ve been told that even those who get the placebo will have the opportunity afterwards to try the drug itself.

Study centers

  • Palo Alto, CA (Stanford)

  • Boston, MA (Mass Eye & Ear)

  • Ann Arbor, MI (Kellogg)

  • Minneapolis, MN (Univ of Minnesota)

  • Durham, NC (Duke)

  • Portland, OR (OHSU)

  • Seattle, WA (EANW, also see phone # below)

More information

Use this link for all other information:

Please note that there are a lot of exclusion criteria. If you contact a study center, they will of course go over all that with you, but you can use the link above to browse through the requirements beforehand if you like as well.

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