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Study - Dry eye after LASIK


Eye pain after LASIK?

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Do you have eye pain after LASIK, or a similar vision correction procedure, that has lasted longer than 3 months?

You may be eligible to participate in a research study on corneal neuralgia, being carried out by Yale Medical School and Harvard Medical School researchers. The investigators have unique expertise in research on neuropathic pain, and now want to solve the mystery of corneal neuralgia. 

This research will use DNA analysis to understand how pain develops after LASIK. A major goal is to pinpoint molecules that might be useful in developing new treatments. 

  • Eligible subjects will be asked to submit a sample of blood.

  • No travel required.

  • The cost of blood draw and shipping will be covered by the study.

  • At this time, participation is limited to United States residents. (We hope to include Canadian residents at a later date.)

Contact if you are interested in participating in this research.