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Survey: Scleral Lens Insertion (11/2018)

Survey: Scleral Lens Insertion Technique (11/2018)

What do you use to insert your scleral lenses?

This scleral lens survey was conducted by:

The Dry Eye Shop


November 21-27, 2018




Participants who selected “Other”:

  • Plunger AND stand

  • Couldn’t get them in at all.

  • Not other, but NO suction on the plunger!

  • Daisey adaptive light

  • Vented DMV scleral cup

  • Dmv scleral cup with the end cut off.

  • Just use index finger to hold lens and insert. Right index for right eye. Left index for left eye.

  • Right index finger

  • I use a plunger with a light in the end of it

  • With the Dalsey green light

  • Plunger with Dalsey Adaptive Light

  • Take the Plunger :)

  • Green light and scleral cup

  • Rubber faucet O-ring: ½” outside diameter, 5/16” inside diameter, and 3/32” wall thickness – available at any hardware store.

  • Have you also surveyed PROSE lens users? I use the Dalsey Adaptives lighted hand held applier which works great for me.

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