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Survey: Salines Preferences for Filling Sclerals (12/2018)

Survey: Saline Preferences for Filling Scleral Lenses (12/2018)

Question #1: Which SALINE do you use most frequently to fill your lenses?

Question #2: Do you ADD something to the saline? If so, what?

Question #3: Do you use something INSTEAD of saline to fill your lenses?

“Other” responses:

  • Oasis Tears Plus

  • Autologous serum eye drops

  • Hylo Forte

  • Biotrue

Question #4: Which saline do you prefer to TRAVEL with?

Optional Question #5: Would you like to suggest another survey topic?

  • Cleaner for your lenses

  • Are there any nutritional options that can affect dry eyes

  • Options for using ClearCare with large (Boston Sight) sclerals. I've tried using it with the case provided with Progent (putting the neutralizer disk in the bottom), which isn't satisfactory. I'd love to lobby ClearCare to produce a larger case for those of us who need it. Thanks!

  • i would be interested in how people are cleaning and keeping build up off there lens

  • How many hours per day do you wear your lenses?

  • Ask everyone's tips and tricks for insertion, and then a 2nd survey for removal? It might get wordy, but then someone who is struggling might savor every word. For instance, I try to focus on the light at the end of my scleral inserter. If I don't see that all the way through insertion, I'll get a bubble. Maybe other people have similar suggestions.

  • Percentage of people wearing sclerals that suffer from cloudiness, fogging, blurry vision, etc. Are certain types of sclerals more prone to this? How often? What do they do to relieve it?

  • Let us click more than one option.

  • Anything about dry eyes which I do have

  • How often do take of your lenses and refesh the saline during the course os a day?

  • Wear time?

  • type or brand of scleral lenses

  • Yes! So many come to mind, but here are a couple: 1) What do you use during the day/carry around with you as rewetting drops while wearing your sclerals? (i.e. Refresh singles, Purilens 2oz/4oz, ScleralFil, refill smaller, sterile container with non-pres. saline from a larger bottle, serum drops, etc...). & 2) Where do you get your sclerals made/re-fitted? (e.g. BFS, BFS satellite location, other optometrist/lens specialist, etc.)

  • Solution to make the scleral lens use comfortable, beside saline plus solution

  • How do you clean your insertion/removal tools. How often do you replace them.

  • Buffered vs. unbuffered solutions for filling lenses-difference?

  • Best dry eye glasses

  • How often do you have to replace your scleral lenses (i.e., buy new ones)

  • How long before your lens “fog”? Do you want to compile list of doctors we have had great success with?

  • Eyelid massage techniques

  • Using Hydrapeg scleral. Any others using it? What is user track record- mfg indicates 2y if use correct solutions

Note: We are working our way through these gradually. Feel free to submit a suggestion at any time!

Optional question #6: Any feedback or suggestions for improvement?

  • Your site is fantastic--great information and encouragement. Keep it up!

  • It's wonderful that you have done these surveys. Are the results of all the surveys posted somewhere that newbies could find them?

  • Keep them coming

  • These surveys help us, the actual endusers, to know how/what our fellow sufferers use/think/apply, etc, all items and issues related to our shared experiences and eye issues. I enjoy them and seeing the weekly results

  • Thank you so much, this is a GREAT idea and much appreciated!! :)

  • Use the suction of DVR inserter to insert the lens, very helpful.

  • I use the PuriLens for rinsing my lens AFTER I take them out of the case. I then use the sodium chloride for insertion.

  • These surveys are a great idea. I ordered the pads where you break a piece inside and put in the light blue goggles years ago. They froze after after 2 uses. Think I bought them from you years ago, hope they have improved!

  • Thank you for all of your amazing work! So helpful!!

  • Nope. You’re doing great!

  • yes but later

  • Question: I'm 61 years old. Ive worn PROSE since 1993. Dr. crossed over both corneas during RK. Corrected vision 20/40, 20/60. Poor. MY Vision keeps changing...thru out the day, because the scare tissue from the surgery is getting larger, less able to focus. Monday a doctor told me that the damage is flattening out my eyes. It will only get worse. I was told to get 4 to 6 different "cheaters" and keep trying. Tears fill my scleral lens. What to do about fog? Leann

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The Dry Eye Shop


December 5-11, 2018



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