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Opportunities to participate in studies

Do you want to be part of a research study or clinical trial for a new drug? We post some of the key opportunities here when asked by study organizers.

Opportunities to participate in studies

Current opportunities

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FYI for fellow dry eye patients:

Sometimes we are asked to spread the word to help with recruiting for a study. We do not ever accept money for assisting with recruiting. We just want to be supportive of research efforts and we want to help patients connect with opportunities that might suit their needs or priorities.

While sometimes we get involved in research projects ourselves if we’re convinced they are entirely patient-centric, please keep in mind that listing a study here does not mean that we endorse it! It just means we think it might be something some of you will be interested in.

FYI for researchers conducting studies & clinical trials

If you would like us to help spread the word about a study you are conducting, please use the Contact form to and direct your message to Rebecca with information on the study organizations and nature of the study.