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Survey: Nighttime Eye Protection (December 2018)

Survey: Nighttime dry eye protection (12/2018)

Question #1: What do you put IN your eyes at night?

Question #2: What do you put OVER your eyes at night?

This dry eye survey was conducted by:

The Dry Eye Shop


December 5-11, 2018




Comments from participants who selected “Other” on Question 2:

  • First of all, I put (a lot) of castor oil in my eyes before bed, and then put on a cold eye mask, filled with little pellets, very soft and comfortable.

  • I wear the ventus frames with those ear clips that go on the arms of the frame. Those keep them snug on my face all night. Not having the strap behind my head gives me more comfort. Also, the hard plastic frames allow me to press my face into my pillow without fear of the glasses causing my eyes to open more. With goggles, the strap was to flexible, the part that covered my eye would shift and actually open my eyes more. Using these glasses has saved me!

  • Taping my eyes shut works good for me

  • also washable foam mask over film

  • Tranquil eyes goggles without the moisture pads

  • In addition to cling film I use a light-blocking piece of light-weight fabric

  • Coconut oil on top lid and around eyes. Use bubble foam mask at night

  • Muro 128 ointment & a pressure patch

  • Switch between Tranquileyes & Eyeseals

  • To reduce adhesive irritation, I apply EyeLocc seals to underside of forearm and then peal off and apply to eyes (softens the eye patch but the "2nd hand" seals still stay put

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