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Study: Nanomedicine and why it matters

Just food for thought as this has relevance for dry eye disease and we are certainly seeing nanotechnology references coming up more and more in drug delivery systems for dry eye.

Therapeutic implications of nanomedicine for ocular drug delivery. Meng et al, Drug Discov Today. 2019 May 15


Delivering therapeutics to the eye is challenging on multiple levels: rapid clearance of eyedrops from the ocular surface requires frequent instillation, which is difficult for patients; transport of drugs across the blood-retinal barrier when drugs are administered systemically, and the cornea when drugs are administered topically, is difficult to achieve; limited drug penetration to the back of the eye owing to the cornea, conjunctiva, sclera and vitreous barriers. Nanomedicine offers many advantages over conventional ophthalmic medications for effective ocular drug delivery because nanomedicine can increase the therapeutic index by overcoming ocular barriers, improving drug-release profiles and reducing potential drug toxicity. In this review, we highlight the therapeutic implications of nanomedicine for ocular drug delivery.