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Study: Daily Lens Wear Duration and Dry Eye Syndrome

This abstract is ever so slightly translation-challenged, but interesting.

The Correlation between Daily Lens Wear Duration and Dry Eye Syndrome

Open Access Maced J Med Sci. 2018 May 18;6(5):829-834. doi: 10.3889/oamjms.2018.215. eCollection 2018 May 20.
Lubis RR, Gultom MTH.



To analyze the correlation between the daily lens wear duration and dry eye syndrome.


This study was an analytic cross sectional study using consecutive sampling conducted among the students in Economy and Bussiness Faculty and Faculty of Humanities in University of Sumatera Utara aged between 17 to 23 that wore contact lens continously for at least a year and 5 days a week. The symptoms were assessed using Contact Lens Dry Eye Questionnaire-8 (CLDEQ-8) and interview about their contact lens comfort; eye drops usage, contact lens washing habit, daily circumstances, places to buy contact lens and personal experince in wearing contact lens.


The questionnaire was completed by 53 students. All of them were female and wore softlens wearers. The mean duration of daily wear was 8.19 ± 2.20 hours. The most common symptom experienced was dry eye and the least symptom experienced was removing lens. The most frequent symptom experienced was closing eyes and the least frequent symptom experienced was removing lenses. This study used Exact Test as analysis statistic method. The result was p > 0.05 which means there is no correlation between daily lens wear duration and dry eye syndrome.


This study showed that dry eye syndrome was not correlated with daily lens wear duration, but affected by many factors such as contact lens, lens care solution, eye drops usage and environment.