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Abstract: Ultrasonic moisture glasses!

Thank you so much, Dr Tsubota et al…. It’s limited in scope, but I’m extremely grateful for every one of these studies that comes out.

I just wish that one of these days you might be able to persuade your American counterparts to PAY ATTENTION to the role of moisture chamber glasses in improving outcomes for chronic dry eye patients. Maybe even somehow manage to goad an industry sit up and take notice.

Ignoring the utility of moisture chamber glasses in relieving signs and symptoms of dry eye is one of the more egregious faults of the dry eye professions and industries in the US, in my opinion.

We NEED these tools. I appreciate every bit of scientific evidence that is being collected to that end.

Transl Vis Sci Technol. 2018 Oct 1;7(5):18. doi: 10.1167/tvst.7.5.18. eCollection 2018 Sep.

Effect of Ultrasonic Moisture Glasses on Dry Eye Signs and Symptoms.

Onomura S, Kawashima M, Aketa N, Kondo S, Tsubota K.



This study was undertaken to evaluate the effect of a novel humidifying eyeglass-shaped device-ultrasonic moisture glasses-on dry eye signs and symptoms.


A total of 18 subjects with dry eye symptoms underwent a crossover test. A water cartridge was set on each temple of the eyeglass-shaped device. All subjects randomly wore the device twice in different settings, each for 10 minutes. Subjects wore the glasses once with the cartridges filled with water (the intervention group), and once with the cartridges empty (the control group). The order was randomized. We evaluated tear film break-up time (TBUT) and fluorescein staining score just before, immediately after, and 10 minutes after wearing the device. We also assessed functional visual acuity (FVA), blink frequency, and visual analog scale (VAS) score just before and immediately after wearing the device.


TBUT, blink frequency, and VAS improved in the intervention group (all P < 0.001) and exhibited significant differences between the intervention and control groups.


Wearing the ultrasonic moisture glasses for 10 minutes improved tear stability and decreased dry eye symptoms in this cohort of subjects.


These findings show that the ultrasonic moisture glasses are an effective device for improving dry eye signs and symptoms.