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Dry Eye Patient Priorities and Outcomes Survey

This survey is being conducted by the Cochrane Eyes and Vision Group US Satellite at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. 

Dry eye occurs when the quantity and/or quality of tears fails to keep the surface of the eye adequately lubricated. For more details about dry eye, please visit the 

National Eye Institute (NEI) website on dry eye


The overall objectives of this survey are to set priorities for new research related to management of dry eye and to identify outcomes that 


 consider important. We have already surveyed doctors who manage patients with dry eye. Now, to find out what is important to 


, we are surveying 


 with dry eye, like yourself.

Password = dryeye

We anticipate this survey may take you up to 30 minutes to complete. 

Please complete this survey by Tuesday November 21, 2017.

We greatly value your participation and thank you in advance for being part of this important research!

Rebecca Petris (The Dry Eye Company)

Ian Saldanha, MBBS, MPH, PhD (Cochrane Eyes and Vision, Johns Hopkins University)

Esen Akpek, MD (Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins University)

Kay Dickersin, MA, PhD (Cochrane Eyes and Vision, Johns Hopkins University)

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