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Miraflow Miraflow on the shelf (or not)... daily cleaners and confusion in our midst!

(For PROSE and Scleral lens users)

Miraflow was discontinued years ago to the dismay of faithful longtime users. There are two generics on the market that I know of - Sof/Pro2 (made by Lobob Labs, who also make Optimum by Lobob ESC which is probably the most popular daily cleaner for PROSE and scleral lenses) and Walgreens Extra Strength Daily Contact Lens Cleaner which, I'm told, is equivalent as well.

Sof/Pro2 in its turn has been subject to a protracted manufacturer backorder situation. We haven't been able to get any for quite some time though some stores still have it. Latest word from Lobob is, possibly 1 to 2 months before they have more.

Lobob ESC meantime, which is a stable for a lot of us, has had some major ups and downs with very long backorders in the past several months. We've got ours now at the DryEyeShop and aren't anticipating further trouble... we hope!

But for you Sof/Pro2 and former-Miraflow lovers, did you know that someone licensed the name and is now making the same thing? Yes, an eye doctor of course. See I'm also bringing it to the DryEyeShop shortly to make it a little easier to purchase (the site has quite a few broken page links).
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