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Unisol 4 being discontinued

Alert for PROSE & scleral lens users who use Unisol 4 to fill their lenses:

I had been getting reports from customers that Unisol 4 is getting scarce or has been discontinued. I called Alcon today to get the skinny. They said yes, it is being discontinued, officially as of December this year and at this time they have no plans for a replacement.

Obviously it's already disappearing from shelves. Those who use it... it's definitely time to stock up unless you have an acceptable alternative that you already know of.

I have a couple of alternatives in the DryEyeShop - Addipaks (5mL), and Modudose (5mL and 15mL) which I sell in small quantities for people to try. If you need a Unisol replacement though be sure to check with your eye doctor first.
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