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Dry eye and my spam folder

Just out of curiosity I clicked on something that eluded my spam filter.

Subject line: EyePromise EZ Tears: 30-Day Dry Eye Relief Guarantee


Relief in 30 days, guaranteed.

Dry eye omega 3 supplements are a dime a dozen, every huckster has one now. Now, I'm not really bored or twiddling my thumbs, but I guess I must be needing some distraction from a burgeoning list of calls & emails I'm getting behinder on every hour, because I actually clicked on the image to get to the URL

...Where I searched in vain for
a) An ingredient list
b) The terms of the 30 day guarantee offer (n.b. The offer is not for consumers but for eye doctors who want to shill, I mean sell this stuff.)
c) Absolutely any other information about the product or the offer. In fact the only thing there IS on the site is a page to submit your practice information so you can get a free promo kit and $100 per case discount. Even the "Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policy" links at the bottom point back at it.

I googled the company (ZeaVision) and product (EyePromise EZ Tears) and found their main product page. The ingredients list is quite respectable, I must say. The testimonials, hm. Mostly along these lines:
I began taking EZ Tears after visiting their booth in Orlando @ Disney World. I noticed a difference with couple weeks. There is no need for any eye drops. It is the best thing I could ever imagine!!! Thanks soooo much.

Impressively, there are no negative comments from people for whom it didn't work. LOL.