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A day in the life....

It all started when I was putting in my PROSE lenses this morning.

It's a quick routine... normally. I was too lazy to clean them last night. So I cleaned the right one, rinsed it and put it in with the little insertion plunger as usual. Then the left. Only, when the left lens was in it felt all wrong and I couldn't see. It almost felt like I'd put a lens on top of a lens (yes, I've put 2 lenses in the same eye on one or two absent-minded occasions) - but I was sure I hadn't and sure enough the right lens is in the right eye. Hmmm. Bubble, maybe? Anyway I took it back out with the other plunger, filled it back up and put it in again. Same thing. That's odd. Hmmmm.

So I took it out again intending to clean it off really well. That is when I discovered the gaping HOLE right in the center of the lens! 


My thoughts ran from....

Holy cow. When did it break? I wonder where the fragment is... and I'm so thankful it isn't in my eye! How on earth did I not scratch my cornea on that ragged hole?


Groan. How on earth am I going to replace it. With mounting bills for my recent appendectomy (yes, no insurance) there's no way I'm making room for a new lens in the budget. At least it's the left lens... I can get by wearing only the right one if need be.

And eventually to....

Hm, I think I have an old pair sitting around for emergencies. Yup, sure enough, right there in the drawer.

So I'm now wearing a lens that is several years old - quite possibly one of the very earliest lenses I got from BFS, judging from the design which is completely different from the current lenses. And wonder of wonders I can see better than I've seen in years!

My current set of lenses were from a visit about 3-4 years ago when - long story short - I ended up accidentally with "monovision" - that is, my left eye deliberately undercorrected - I didn't want to make a fuss about and and figured I'd just live with it and who knows maybe my near vision would be better that way. In practice I discovered I actually hate monovision. Works great for some people but definitely not for me. I really hate not being fully corrected for distance in both eyes but I wasn't motivated enough to do something about it.

I don't know if this spare lens will work out - after several hours wear I think it's probably a lens that ended up too tight and gave me headaches - but I'll tell ya, in the meantime I am totally relishing this wonderful vision. I can see detail I haven't seen in years. ...Which is especially helpful since my iPhone is dying and I have to drive more than an hour away to the nearest apple store.

That's my silver lining of the day!