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7Eye AirShields - improved lens options

7Eye Airshield glasses (the ones with the deep foam eyecup) are now available with 8 different lenses each, no matter which framestyle or color you choose. I particularly like that you can get CLEAR lenses now... great for people who want them mostly for indoors. Of course, with clear lenses the aesthetics aren't so nice - more goggly - but for so many of us, function trumps form :) and since the price of these glasses has dropped over the years, they're a pretty good deal.

Here's the lens options. Pricing is for any AirShield frame

$99 - SharpView Copper, SharpView Grey
This is a great choice for normal outdoor use, especially for the light-sensitive amongst us.

$99 - SharpView Clear
Great choice for primarily indoor use plus driving.

$129 - ColorAmp Copper (limited time)
7Eye says: "ColorAmp lenses have been specially formulated to boost your eyes recognition of primary colors. We call this formula Amplified Color Technology and the lenses ColorAmp because you can react sooner to visual stimuli, like brake lights, if you can see color with greater clarity. Most sunglasses drown out color, but ColorAmp restores the vibrancy and richness of color while still providing soothing protection."

$129 - Polarized Copper or Grey
Polarized lenses are the best choice for maximum glare control.

$169 - Photochromic Contrast or PhotoChromic Eclypse
Photochromic lenses darken in UV light. "Contrast" darkens to copper tones while "Eclypse" darkens to grey. These are a great choice for general purpose indoor-outdoor use. They do not get as dark as normal sunglasses however so they are not the best choice for bright sunlight for people with light sensitivity.

In terms of AirShield framestyles, we have the Buran, Bora, Churada, Diablo, Briza and Cyclone (note Cyclone is a fix eyecup frame with lower pricing). Stay tuned though as 7Eye is bringing out a few new ones shortly (I'm waiting on some samples to try out) and also reviving an oldie but a goodie, the Chubasco of Panoptx yore which like the Cyclone is one of the original fixed-eyecup frames.

Ziena Oasis glasses with the silicone shield are also available with all of those lens options.
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