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Pre-summer eyewear sale!

One more thing before I jump into dry eye news and studies:

Wiley X AirRage ($90 to $144)
Summer is exactly one week away! We're all spending more time out of doors... make sure your eyes are well protected not just UV wise but from the drying effects of wind and sun. Eyewear doesn't have to be expensive - Dustbusters are less than $20. On the other hand if you've been contemplating some of the pricier ones, the best time to get them is during a DryEyeShop sale because the brand name ones are not usually ever discounted at dealers.

Click on this coupon for a 15% discount, good now through end of the day June 20th:

15% off coupon

Or if you have any trouble with the link, click on the Coupon link in the shopping cart at and type in "Eyewear2013". Enjoy!

7Eye AirDam low-profile eyecup
By the way, if you want good dry eye protection but feel like those deep right-to-your-skin type eyecups are just too goggly-looking for you, take a look at the 7Eye AirDam products which I recently added to the shop. They have a shallower eyecup - still lots more protection than ordinary eyecups, but without the goggly appearance.