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PROSE & scleral users: Hydrogen peroxide system now available in the shop

At long last I've got a hydrogen peroxide system available in the shop. It's not Clear Care but it's similar.

Ocusoft Lens Care System $9.75

Contains 12 oz bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide plus lens case with catalyst. As with the Clear Care system, this case is NOT suitable for PROSE or other scleral lenses so you have to remove the catalyst and install it in a PROSE case (sold separately).

In the case in this kit, the catalyst disc is attached to the bottom of the case rather than the bottom of the unit that holds the lenses, so removing it is a little different but can still be done. The disc fits the receptacle on the PROSE case but you have to put it on the right direction - if it's backwards, you'll know because it slides off.