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cheap shipping deal

Penny pincher alert (that's a lot of us these days):

50% off First Class, Parcel Post shipping methods in The Dry Eye Shop with this coupon... no minimum order thresholds. I'm celebrating Nexternal's latest upgrade which lets me discount more than one shipping method at a time :)

No particular deadline. It'll be valid till I think of something new. Well, let's say till I get my blog fully updated with all the news from the last few weeks, and we all know how long THAT can take, LOL.

By the way, for shop regulars, please note that some of the most popular product lines (Eye Eco, 7Eye and WileyX) are now shipping direct from the manufacturer. In some cases where you're ordering a mix of items at one time, that may mean multiple shipping charges - so one of the reasons for the coupon is to offset the effect of that.

Happy Friday everyone.