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Is this part of why...

...we have so many "treatment failures"?

Superficial discussion of medical stuff in the press totally sets people up with unreasonable expectations. Here's a classic example (article below, headline rather). Lipiflow = the twelve minute miracle? Good grief. Though I think Lipiflow has a really important role to play, it's much more complicated than that and we all know it, yet... we'd all like to believe there's a magic bullet to fix things. 

So people read articles like this, or worse, get over-sold on something by a doctor who's more concerned with amortizing an expensive machine than educating patients, and they get an expensive treatment and when it isn't a miraculous permanent cure for the common cold they talk about what a waste of money it was. Sigh.

…NEW TECHNOLOGY:  A revolutionary way to help treat dry eye syndrome is the LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation System.  It helps treat dry eyes by opening and clearing blocked glands, which in turn will allow the eyes to resume the natural production of oils (lipids) needed for the tear film. It’s a fast procedure that works by applying heat and light pressure to the inside of the eye lid, allowing lipids to be released from the Meibomian glands….