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Eyewear special in the Dry Eye Shop

Christmas Special!

This coupon gets you 15% off all eyewear purchases of $50 or more in the shop, from now till midnight on December 11th. If you have any trouble with the link, you can type "EyewearDec12" in the Enter Coupon place.

Enjoy! - For those who haven't been in the shop for awhile, I have a full selection of 7Eye and Wiley-X eyewear now with the removable foam-lined gaskets, in addition to the Tranquileyes Moisture Release glasses and a various low-cost favorites (Onion Goggles, Dustbusters) . You can also use the coupon to stock up on spare eyecups.

Lest anyone get confused - bear in mind eyewear means optical products (glasses/sunglasses), not night eye protection (Tranquileyes and such). But don't worry, I'll be running specials on night eye protection a bit later in the month too.