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Expanded moisture-retaining optical product lines

Happy to report that 7eye and Wiley X products are back in the DryEyeShop once more and this time with many more choices, both new framestyles and additional lens options!

For the 7Eye line:

We've got one of my favorites - the Ziena Oasis eyewear with the delicate silicone eyecup...

as well as many of the classic AirShield series with the removable deep foam eyecups, such as Briza, the new Buran, familiars like Churada and even an old heritage frame with the fixed eyecup, the Cyclone .

For the Wiley X line:

We're now carrying all nine Climate Control series eyewear, including two all-new styles Echo and Gravity as well as all the old favorites like AirRage, Airborne and Brick.