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New: "Kind removal" silicone tape

Here's another new product, this one an award-winner, popular in hospital settings where they have to use a lot of medical tape and are familiar with the terrible skin damage medical tapes tend to cause. According to 3M's description, a feature that makes this one different from the usual medical tapes is that the adhesive strength is constant rather than increasing over time. Here's a link for more details from 3M.

To try out a sample ($0.50) click here:
3M Kind Removal Silicone Tape

For those of you *have* to tape your lid(s) down to get sufficient protection at night I highly recommend trying this. - Or, for those of you who for any reason haven't been able to get enough night protection with the usual bag of tricks (goggles and goop, etc) but are intimidated by the idea of tape lest it irritate your skin, rip out your eyelashes, and so on, you might just want to give this tape a whirl. Check out discussion boards for suggestions on best taping methods. I don't tape my lids these days but in my past experience with taping, personally I always found an X of two pieces worked well for me. I always applied - and removed - slowly, top to bottom.

Special thanks to Neil in Mississippi (you know who you are) for bringing this product to my attention. I have short rolls of it available in the shop for fifty cents for people to try out, and I will eventually get the full sized ones.