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Abstract: Case report on scleral lenses in a severe exposure case

We report an interesting case of therapeutic scleral lens management of bilateral exposure and neurotrophic keratopathy resulting from bilateral cranial nerve (CN) palsies including V, VI and VII, which caused lagophthalmos and anaesthetic corneas. Subsequent development of severe exposure keratitis with vascularisation and keratinisation of the inferior cornea was previously treated with intensive ocular lubrication, botulinum toxin injections to the upper eyelid levator muscle, temporary tarsorrhophies, bilateral amniotic membrane grafts, punctal plugs, lid taping, gold eyelid weights and soft bandage contact lenses. Corneal integrity was re-established but visual acuity remained significantly compromised by corneal vascularisation, scarring and keratin deposits. Visions on presentation to the contact lens department were R 1.90logMAR, L 1.86logMAR. Therapeutic, high Dk, non-fenestrated, saline filled, scleral lenses were fitted. Daily wear of these lenses have protected and hydrated the cornea, enabling corneal surface recovery whilst retaining visual and social function. The visual acuities 6 months post-scleral fitting with lenses in situ are R 0.90logMAR and L logMAR0.70.

Cont Lens Anterior Eye. 2012 Aug 14. [Epub ahead of print]
Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, Manchester Academic Health Science Centre, Oxford Road, Manchester, United Kingdom.