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Please participate in this questionnaire...

Hi all,

Every now and then and individual or research group asks me to invite people to participate in a survey that will help them develop some kind of new treatment or tool. Always happy to oblige... knowing that the more input we, the real live dry eye patients, have into these things, the more likely they'll turn out useful.

So please, take a moment to complete this survey. It's very quick. The survey is oriented mostly around MGD and around MGD treatments. If you're on multiple treatments a few of the questions might not work too well for you but just do your best and answer them based on say your most important one.

Thanks in advance for your contribution! Here's a note from the survey developer:

I am an industrial design student, and my current project (master thesis) consists in developing a new medical device for MGD treatment. This is a real world project, sponsored by an ophthalmologist, that will lead to the release to market of actual product.
Your experience of dry eyes would be very useful to me. A good understanding of your treatment habits, needs and expectations is capital to design a device that is convenient to use. The following questionnaire should not take long to fill in (approx. 5 min) and is an opportunity to influence the design of an innovative treatment for your eyes!
The questionnaire:
Thank you very much for your time and cooperation.If you face a problem when filling the questionnaire, please do not hesitate to make me aware of it!
Please note: (1) this questionnaire is entirely anonymous (2) none of the questions is compulsory (if you feel uncomfortable with a question, skip it) (3) it was approved by my university ethics committee (4) the resulting statistics might be published in an academic journal