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Eye spa pads

Dear Eye Spa Pad users...

I am low on Eye Spa Pads and will not be getting more. So sorry. I've continued to import this product (it's the only one I import) simply because people like the product so much - but I have had persistent quality problems with shipments. I end up having to discard so many that it has become cost prohibitive. So... if you want replacements, please stock up now, first come first served.

Need something else to transition to?

In the Dry Eye Shop -

Rice baggy ($20) - more expensive, and dry rather than moist heat unless you want to rig something special for it, but it's very comfy, with a luxurious organic jersey knit washable slipcover.

Thermoeyes Beads & Thermoeyes Instant ($32/fourpack)- these are great if you want something small size that heats only the lid/eye area, especially useful for people with skin sensitivities. Also great for anyone who wants to use them with the Tranquileyes moisture goggle.

I'll also be bringing in some lower cost flax compresses later this summer.