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A day in the life...

(deep breath)

A bad eye day.


I worked myself into such a foul mood over it that I finally went on to DryEyeTalk and started writing a "Need to vent" post. Never finished it.

Here's the draft:

I'm sitting here wearing one of my own stupid !@#$ products (single eye pressure patch), hating it, not just because of the stupid elastic strap sliding all over my hair and my eyebrows and because I don't even know which way the thing goes, but because I'm not sure whether it's helping the pain enough to make it worth the awful pressure it puts on my eye.
...I'm frustrated to pieces that I can't seem to get a dry eye bulletin out the door even after all this time. There's been so much interesting stuff published recently and I hate it when the bulletin gets pushed out from week to week because I'm either too tired or just don't have enough good eye time left at the end of the day. I used to do it after my daughter went to bed Thursday nights but my body staged a sit-in in favor of no more late nights working, so now I always think I'll squeeze it in by doing a bit of blogging early every morning but that never seems to happen. Finally a couple of nights ago - not listening to my left eye which was quietly murmuring "Please don't make me work to hard and for goodness' sakes don't overwear your PROSE this week or I might just throw a hissy fit" - I stayed up late to update my blog (only to realize afterwards that I only did the blogspot one and forgot to duplicate it on DryEyeTalk like I usually do). Took note of increased rumblings from the left eye yesterday but figured it would go away and went about my usual routine.
...So this morning my eyes were both in a state where I didn't dare put my lenses in. Started work, and it was all downhill from there. Eventually I put the right lens in because if there's anything worse than being in pain when you're trying to work, it's be in pain and not being able to !@#$ see when you're trying to work. Result, my left (normally by far the better) eye is just plain exploding in pain - and i honestly don't even know if it really is worse or if it's just the contrast now that I have PROSE in my right eye. I'd really like to just ignore the world and go sit outside with my sheep because I was away most of the day yesterday and as so often seems to happen am soooo behind on things.

At that point my daughter (who had done an admirable job of bearing with all my pain-and-stress-induced grouchiness all morning) walked in and placed a card on my desk and walked back out.

I opened it up and saw:

What's a doting mother to do but melt into a glob of grateful jelly. Yes, she turned my corners up. And I went over to my keyboard (the other kind of keyboard) and sang "Count your blessings" and "Redeemed" until they were fixed even more firmly in the upright position. And they really needed to be for what came next, because....

After she persuaded me to take out my right lens and go lie down, I went into the bathroom, took my prose case (which contained my left lens since I wasn't wearing it) out of the cupboard and... unaccountably dropped it on the floor.

Picked it up and it contained no left lens.

We scoured the bathroom over and over and over. No lens. Shook out my clothes, checked the drain, everything.

No lens.

Seems to have disappeared into thin air.

At that point we turned to comfort food. Hamburgers, mashed potatoes, and leftover cheesecake.

Tomorrow will be better :-) Meanwhile I'm grateful for what I have.

UPDATE (6/4). Later that day while we were preparing for company, my daughter was cleaning the bathroom and put her hand under the sink cabinet in search of a marble. Guess what was lodged just behind the marble. It apparently bounced there. We think the Lord was protecting it from being stepped on when it first flew out of the case because it took me a couple moments before I realized it was gone. I'm still not wearing the lenses though - right now both my lenses are on their way to Boston (they were overdue for a new plasma coating) and hopefully I will be back in business soon.
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