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Speaking of Lipiflow...

Interesting article from last month mentions a few practical items that interested dry eye patients might want to know...

How TearScience’s dry eye treatment sparked a new FDA 510(k) strategy
(MedCity, Feb 7th)

One piece of the commercialization puzzle that TearScience has yet to solve is reimbursement. Insurers do not yet pay for LipiFlow treatment and though the company has applied to instate reimbursement, Willis estimates the entire process can take anywhere from three to 10 years. For now, patients pay between $1,400 and $1,900 out of pocket for a treatment on both eyes that lasts nine to 18 months. Willis said that considering that some people with moderate to severe dry eye are already spending up to $4,000 annually on other remedies, patients are willing to pay. For a physician’s practice, the entire TearScience diagnostic and treatment system costs about $100,0000.