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Drug news: Seikagaku SI-614

Hyaluronate drop starting Phase II in the US.

Seikagaku Initiates a Phase II Clinical Trial in the United States for SI-614, Indicated for Treatment of Dry Eye

Tokyo, Japan, January, 2012—Seikagaku Corporation (hereafter “Seikagaku”) (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) hereby announces that SI-614 has entered into a Phase II clinical trial in the United States (U.S.) for the treatment of dry eye....

SI-614 is a modified hyaluronate with an excellent tear film stabilizing effect that is produced by Seikagaku’s proprietary technology. Ocular instillation of SI-614 is expected to improve the tear film instability of the three layers (lipid layer, aqueous layer, and mucin layer) and accompanied symptoms found in dry eye patients....