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Drug news: CF101 starts enrolling for Phase III trial

Finally, some news on CF101. Purchased in November by Denali Concrete Management, and as of December started enrolling for the Phase III trial. Ambitious endpoint.

Denali Concrete Management Inc. Announces the Commencement of Patient Enrollment for the Phase 3 Dry Eye Syndrome Study

Denali Concrete Management Inc. DCMG announced today that it has commenced patient enrollment for a phase 3 clinical study of the safety and efficacy of CF101, daily administered orally, in patients with moderate-to-severe Dry Eye Syndrome. This multi-center clinical trial is conducted in the United States, Europe and Israel. The randomized, double-masked clinical trial will include 231 patients who will be randomized to receive 2 doses of CF101 and Placebo, for a period of 24 weeks. The primary efficacy endpoint will be complete clearing of corneal staining....