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Those scary Halloween contacts

Talk about a way to have really scary eyes. Corneal melt, anyone?

Oddly enough this topic once came up on the bulletin board amidst a discussion about the high cost of scleral lenses for dry eye ("What do y'all think of those $100 scleral lenses for halloween that they sell on the web?" Eek.)

A scary look

His Halloween costume made the 15-year-old look like a horror film extra.
Only it happened days after the holiday.
After he wore a pair of novelty contact lenses to a party, the teen developed an open sore on his cornea in one eye. The infection nearly ate through his eye.
The patient was the worst that Montgomery County optometrist Dr. Geoffrey Kaplan has seen, so far, but certainly he wasn't the only one who developed problems from so-called "gray market" contact lens.
Kaplan said he sees maybe a handful of patients a year, usually around Halloween and usually teens and young adults, with the telltale signs of wearing contact lenses bought off the street. Mostly he sees patients with bacterial infections, but in some cases corneal ulcers, a vision-threatening infection.