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Device news: Lipiflow gets more money

For those of you waiting for Lipiflow to come to a dr. near you... with a fresh $15million going into the effort it may not be too long.

TearScience lands $15M to bring novel dry eye treatment to market

Medical device company TearScience has secured $15 million in debt financing that the company will use to support a pair of products addressing evaporative dry eye.....TearScience has U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance on two products for dry eye. LipiView, which allows doctors to view the tear film and diagnose the condition. LipiFlow uses a combination of heat and pressure to treat it. Both diagnosis and treatment can be done in a physician’s office. LipiView was FDA-cleared in 2009. LipiFlow received FDA clearance earlier this year. The company also has marketing certification for the products in Europe.