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Abstract: Dry eye symptoms for glaucoma patients

Symptoms and signs of tear film dysfunction in glaucomatous patients.

The purposes of this study were to evaluate the presence of symptoms of tear film dysfunction by using the Ocular Surface Disease Index (OSDI) questionnaire in glaucomatous patients and to examine whether they have ocular surface signs.

Fifty patients with ocular hypertension or open-angle glaucoma were sequentially examined. All patients used preserved antiglaucomatous drops once, twice, 3 times, or 4 times a day. Each patient filled out an OSDI questionnaire. Fluorescein corneal staining, lissamine green conjunctival staining, break-up time, and Schirmer I test were performed in patients with positive OSDI.

Using the OSDI, 26 of 50 patients (52%) showed at least mild symptoms of tear film dysfunction (score >12); of them, 17 (34%) had severe OSDI (Score >32). Decrease in tear production was seen in only 8 glaucomatous patients. The break-up time was <7 s in 18 patients. Lissamine green conjunctival staining was positive in at least one eye of all the 26 patients, whereas fluorescein corneal staining was positive in at least one eye of 22 patients. A statistically significant (P<0.05) difference was found for lissamine green conjunctival staining between 16 patients using ipotensive drops once or twice a day and 10 patients using drops 3 or 4 times a day. In the group of patients using only β-blocker agents, we found a positive correlation between symptoms and vital staining of the ocular surface.

Fifty-two percent of patients in therapy with preserved antiglaucomatous drops showed symptoms of tear film dysfunction. Signs of ocular surface diseases seemed to be greater in patients under >2 medications. Symptoms correlated to signs only in patients in monotherapy with β-blockers drops.

J Ocul Pharmacol Ther. 2011 Jun;27(3):281-5. Epub 2011 May 10.
Valente C, Iester M, Corsi E, Rolando M.
Clinica Oculistica, Department of Neurosciences, Ophthalmology, and Genetics, University of Genoa, Genoa, Italy.