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Article: Corneal stem cells

Sorry I didn't post this sooner... made a note of it and never got to it. Back in July there was a really nice CLS article by Drs. Mastrota and Townsend on corneal stem cells... If you have run across my links to items on limbal stem cell deficiency (LSCD) now and then and want to better understand what that is, click on this and read the full article:

A Closer Look at Corneal Stem Cells
Early intervention by practitioners can prevent and aid treatment of limbal stem cell deficiency.

We would imagine that similar to most of us, you confidently assure uncomfortable patients who have a corneal abrasion that the injury will heal relatively quickly with a good chance that their vision will be uncompromised. We daily take for granted the remarkable architecture and exquisite processes that create and regenerate the optically clear cornea.

How does the cornea maintain itself? How do superficial corneal abrasions heal? Why does corneal staining go away? Why can a cornea become vascularized?....