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New gizmo: Blink Now

We've come a long way from those little computer-shaped stress balls I used to get printed up that said "Blink now!", huh?

Now, there's a ~$75 gadget to place by your computer which will remind you more effectively. Check out the new "Blink Now" (press release below) sold in the UK. Funny how the computer gaming industry is one of the newer forces currently driving innovation of a few new things for dry eye, such as Gunnar Optiks' line of computer glasses. Hopefully their role in the market will lead to more and more dry eye tools for the younger generations. We need all the help we can get....

Blink Now – prevent headache, dry eye, migraine and eye strain – just by blinking!

Doncaster, UK - 10/03/2010

Blink Now is the only device which works to pro-actively prevent headaches, dry eyes, tired eyes and migraines (as a result of Computer Vision Syndrome). Computer Vision Syndrome is a problem which over 90% of computer user’s suffer from (excessive usage is classed as anything over 3 hours per day). You may not even realise that your headaches, dry eyes and migraines are being caused by your computer screen and this is why the increasing awareness of CVS is prompting people to now try to prevent it.

Computer Vision Syndrome?

CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) symptoms are headaches, dry eyes, migraines, screen fatigue and computer eye strain - it is often un-diagnosed as users don’t realise that the symptoms are a direct result of using their computer screens for excessive amounts of time (anything over 3 hours).

Medical studies have proven one of the key contributing factors to CVS is a lack of blinking – when you don’t blink, your eyes don’t produce tears (which act as a natural lubricant) - dry eyes lead to headaches and as a result Blink Now was specially designed to help prevent this.

You may be asking yourself “why are people forgetting to blink” but when you understand more about CVS it becomes apparent that, it isn’t a case of “forgetting” to blink, but more a case of “forcing” your eyes to stay open (while you are focusing on your screen). Blink Now sits on top of your screen and sub-consciously prompts you to blink – it is very a simple solution, but very effective.

The Blink Now device is the size of a webcam and is compatible with both PC and MAC (and any other device with a powered USB port) and requires no setup – just plug it in and switch it on!

Blink Now is available now at at only £49.99

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