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OTC news: Puralube is back

For some few of you who have been missing it.... For those who aren't familiar with it, it's another night ointment like the various "PM" products on the market. Most of these PM products are made of petrolatum and mineral oil in varying proportions. This one is 85% petrolatum and 15% mineral oil, like Genteal PM I believe.

Fera Pharmaceuticals Launches OTC Puralube® Ophthalmic Ointment for Dry Eye

Puralube, a preservative free ophthalmic ointment, is one that has been relied upon by patients and healthcare professionals for years to relieve the symptoms of dry eye. When the original manufacturer of Puralube discontinued the product, Fera was inundated with requests to bring the product back.

Frank DellaFera, President of Fera states, “Puralube is a product that fits perfectly with our eye care portfolio. We are so pleased to make Puralube available again, giving patients, pharmacists and physicians a cost effective and reliable treatment option for dry eye symptoms”.

Fera is launching Puralube in a 3.5 g tube as well as a carton of 20 1 g tubes. It will be available through retail, wholesale and mail order pharmacy.