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Newsblurb... dry eye in the cold weather

With the kind of winter much of the country is experiencing it's not surprising to see more mention of dry eye in the press. This one caught my eye:

Cold Weather & Health: Fact, Fiction

Cold weather can also impact the eyes--Ron Chu has dry eye syndrome and last week's cold, dry air was brutal...

Fine, fair enough. But get a load of this:

"It actually worsened my dry eye condition so it felt like sand or grit in my eye so it makes it very difficult to wear contacts," Ron said. "It was just unbearable."

Ron had to use artificial tears every fifteen minutes.

Oh, my, word. Forget the weather factor. Who in their right mind is going to continue wearing contacts when they're putting in drops every fifteen bloomin' minutes? One hopes this gentleman will come to his senses, put on a pair of glasses and hightail it to his eye doctor. One also hopes his doctor is not the type to push every envelope to keep this patient in contacts, at least not until this dry eye thing is under FAR better control.