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I think this one deserves...

...the "Cheesiest PR effort of the year by a dry eye product company" award.

It's official: Men make women cry the most

Women knew it all along. And now, a study has confirmed it to the entire world -- nothing makes a girl cry as much as a man.

More than three in four women blame their partners for making them cry, not to mention their fathers or sons, reports The Daily Express.

But 63 per cent of men reckon their wives, girlfriends and even mothers can reduce them to tears, said the study by Rohto Dry Eye Relief.

The survey of 2,000 adults also found that when it comes to men, the pressures of work, being treated badly by the boss or horrid workmates can also bring on the tears.

Work woes have left 32 per cent of Brit women and 22 per cent of English men in tears in the past six months. While family, work and friends are responsible for crying, then modern life has the opposite effect in general because it leaves eyes dry and irritable, said Rohto.

A spokesman for Rohto said: "Despite all the tears, Britain actually has a far greater problem from dry eyes rather than wet ones."

A GP, Dr Sarah Brewer, said: "Dry eyes are a common problem for people who use computer screens, work in a dry, centrally heated environment, use the contraceptive Pill or have underlying illnesses and health conditions.

"Dryness causes discomfort with grittiness and stinging."