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Abstract: from Spain

I'm just posting this one so Spanish readers (or others in the neighborhood) can take note of the authors in case they are looking for names of doctors or researchers that might take an interest in dry eye.

Ocul Surf. 2010 Oct;8(4):185-92.
The tear film and the optical quality of the eye.
Montés-Micó R, Cerviño A, Ferrer-Blasco T, García-Lázaro S, Madrid-Costa D.
From the Optometry Research Group, Department of Optics, University of Valencia. Spain.

ABSTRACT The stability of the tear film plays an important role in the optical quality of the eye. Various methods have been developed to quantify the contribution of the tear film to optical quality, including the double-pass optical method, Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensing, videokeratoscopy, retroillumination analysis, and interferometry. In addition to assessing the effect of tear film irregularities, these methods can aid in the diagnosis of dry-eye related conditions and the monitoring of therapy. This review describes the methodologies used to assess the relationship between the tear film and optical quality of the eye and summarizes the most important findings obtained with these methods with regard to the healthy human eye, the dry eye, and the effect of artificial tear instillation.