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Abstract: PF low-dose dexamethasone in chronic dry eye

Preservative-free low-dose dexamethasone for the treatment of chronic ocular surface disease refractory to standard therapy.
Cornea. 2010 Jul;29(7):723-6.
Jonisch J, Steiner A, Udell IJ.
From North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System, Department of Ophthalmology, Great Neck, NY 11021, USA.

PURPOSE: To evaluate the short-term safety and efficacy of topical preservative-free dexamethasone 0.01% for the treatment of ocular surface disease and/or tearing refractory to conventional treatments.

METHODS: Retrospective chart review of all patients who received topical unpreserved dexamethasone 0.01% (Leiters Pharmacy, San Jose, CA). Follow-up visits were reviewed for subjective responses to the formulation and intraocular pressure. Responses were graded as significant/complete resolution of symptoms (50%-100% improvement), mild (25%-50% improvement), or no improvement.

RESULTS: Thirty-one patients received topical unpreserved dexamethasone 0.01% for the treatment of ocular surface disease. Follow up ranged from 4 to 60 months (average, 11.5 weeks). Twenty patients (65%) reported moderate or complete resolution of ocular symptoms. Seven patients (22%) had mild improvement in their symptoms. Four patients (13%) had no change in ocular symptoms. No patient in our series developed an elevation of intraocular pressure greater than 5 mm Hg above baseline intraocular pressure. No patient developed intraocular pressure greater than 22 mm Hg.

CONCLUSIONS: Topical nonpreserved 0.01% dexamethasone could be an effective therapy for recalcitrant chronic ocular surface disease.