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Drug pipeline updates

See current drug roster at this link:

Dry Eye Clinical Trial Roster

Here's the current lineup (also posted in today's bulletin):

THESE FOUR appear to be further along than anything else:

Novagali's Cyclokat (0.1% cyclosporine). Completed Phase III and we're waiting for a results announcement.

EyeGate Pharma's EGP-437 entered Phase III trials in June.

Can-Fite Biopharma's CF101 was approved on Sept 5 to enter Phase III.

Ista's Remura (low dose bromfenac) entered Phase III in September.

THESE NEXT SIX (or so?) appear to be next in line...

but I honestly don't know which are hot to trot, which are dead in the water and which are somewhere in between. If you know, by all means tell me.

With Alcon's pipeline, I'm either going to get this completely wrong or partially right if I'm lucky, so here goes:

- Alcon reportedly has a cyclosporine drug in the works. I'm guessing this is any or all, probably all, of the drugs referred to in the past year or so as "Alcon X", "Alcon 38583" (which shows a Phase II on completed in March this year) and Zyclorin (acquired last March from Sirion where it was called ST-603 which has several completed trials on On the other hand, neither Alcon's pipeline page nor shows any current cyclosporine drug. But something's out there. You don't buy it for nuthin'.

- Alcon also has Cilomilast, "and" Alcon 43546, which are listed separately on their pipeline page but which are also probably synonymous.

Resolvyx's RX-10045 is, according to the developer's site, now expected to enter Phase III next year.

SARCODE's SAR1118... we're waiting on an announcement as to whether and when they're proceeding to Phase III.

Inspire's Azasite completed Phase II's for the bleph indication. Funny, I noticed Alcon is running a clinical comparing it to Tobradex for bleph. Waiting on Phase III news.

Lantibio's Lancovutide is in post Phase II limbo too.

AND THEN there's these six, which are, or are claimed to be, in progress:

Otsuka/Aculela's rebamipide is in Phase II.

Mass Eye & Ear's Il-1-RA is in Phase II.

Regenerx's RGN259 is supposedly in Phase II.

Allergan's Restasis X is supposedly in Phase II.

Allergan's androgen tears, (cough choke) is supposedly in Phase II.


Inspire's Prolacria is now on the market in Japan, but Inspire is no longer pursuing it for FDA approval.

Opko's Civamide seems to be gonzo.

Santen's Sirolimus (Perceiva) is no longer being pursued for dry eye.

Ista's ecabet sodium was shelved in favor of the low dose bromfenac.

Alacrity's ALTY-0501 seems to be gonzo.


Argentis' testosterone and progesterone drugs.

Mimetogan's mucin secretagogues.

Lux Biosciences voclosporin drugs.