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Comfort Zone Labs Introduces a New Therapeutic Device That Kisses Good-Bye Dry-Eye Syndrome

When a doctor examines a patient for dry eyes, it has been statistically tabulated that 70% of patients with dry eye symptoms have signs of meibomian gland diseases, for which finding relief is much more difficult.

Orange County, CA, April 03, 2010 --( Keep those eyes nice, clean and healthy: Get rid of and keep away nasty blepharitis (which you may have and not know it but whether you know it or not, dry eye or lid therapy with this newly invented therapeutic device producing radial motion of warm gentle bubble waves can help it); prevent infections; shoo away debris/offending objects and clean up insidious eyelid dandruff and experience true gentle prolonged relief.

Classical approach to this problem is to perform in-house surgical meibomian gland expression, using two cotton-tip applicators and applying manual pressure to the glands of the lower lids, expressing the opaque, inspissated, and staph-laden material. The hard part is performing it on the upper lid where the patient feels extraneous pain and discomfort. If you ever had this lipid catharsis performed, you already know from your own grotesque personal experience with the sheer amount of “gunk” extracted and pain that entails classical procedures and techniques doctors use today, since nothing else is available.

This patent pending therapeutic device is directed towards a new dry eye cleaning process without feeling pain. This therapeutic device has a sophisticated and advanced irrigation system employing hydrodynamic cavitation producing transient radial motion of bubbles wherein the individual manipulates the hand piece of the sealed eye cup irrigator to wash or remove gunk’s from his/her eyes. The irrigator nozzle is configured to produce transient radial motion of bubbles in the water stream. This hydrodynamic cavitation process produces a chemical breakdown product, which combat bacterium, while dislodging lipids or other offending foreign objects from the eyes. Thus this invented therapeutic device is directed towards a new principle of applying hydrodynamic cavitation process producing transient radial motion of bubble waves that simultaneously deposits produced radicals and ions to the eye surface, and is hereby designed by Comfort Zone Labs. Furthermore, this hydrodynamic therapeutic device system automatically flushes the unwanted infectious materials into an attached hazardous safety disposable bag while undergoing rapid fluidic exchanging process. The residual offending materials that are automatically flushed from the eye membrane can be disposed safely.

This therapeutic device help your tears, directly and indirectly-directly, by improving some of the really important stuff that goes into your tears and indirectly, by getting rid of or preventing nasty stuff that gets in the way and makes dry-eye conditions worse or creates conditions that feel like dry-eye.

Here is how it helps four ways that no other device in the market can perform.

1) It retains moisture while cleaning and after cleaning.
2) It acts as a powerful agitator while sanitizing with warm circulating transient radial motion of bubble waves to liquefy the toothpaste like secretion plugging the glands.
3) The intense vibrations mode produced by radial motion of bubble waves, closes the microvasculature that is feeding the inflammatory mediators to the glands that inhibit normal function.
4) The warm transient radial motion of bubble waves therapeutically improves lid opposition. Therefore, the pumping mechanism of the meibomian glands improves after this therapy with far greater instant results. Hence, recurrent blepharitis ends.

It is known that many treatments for the dry-eye only helps with medications. Hydrodynamic therapy immediately reliefs and improves symptoms and the meibomian glands functions in the long term that benefits patients, due to the value added process that retains moisture in the infected eye accordingly. Post therapy after using this new device helps patients sleep comfortably.

This patent pending device was invented by Mr. Anwar Haq of Comfort Zone Labs. CZL is offering this device for licensing or joint venture.