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Dry eye drug clinical trials - roster updated

Phew, what a marathon. I always forget how much work it is to track these drugs down... no wonder I hadn't re-done that page in so long.

I've updated the dry eye drugs clinical trials page on DryEyeZone. There have been far too many changes and additions and subtractions to try to cover in the blog - check them out at the link - but I will just give a quick rundown of the names & status here:

Prolacria, Cyclokat, Rebamipide (I think) and Sirion's ST603 (I think).

COMPLETED PHASE II and headed for Phase III
RX10045, low dose bromfenac,

COMPLETED PHASE II but... no word of any Phase III anytime soon
ecabete sodium, CanFite CF101, EGP437, ALTY0501

Restasis X, Alcon's unknown drug, Perceiva, SAR1118, AL43546, Civamide, lancovutide, (supposedly) androgen tears

PRECLINICAL stuff of interest
ARG101, 102, 103; MIM-D3, Sylentis' ocular pain drug, LX214, LX212, RGN259, lacritin (maybe) and a cyclosporine drug from Zymedis maybe.