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Abstract: Sex hormones & dry eye

For those of you (doctors) who have access to this and read German :-) I would love to be able to read this literature review of thinking on sex hormones and dry eye.

[Sex hormones and dry eye]
Ophthalmologe. 2009 Nov;106(11):988-94.
[Article in German]
Schirra F, Seitz B, Knop N, Knop E.
Klinik für Augenheilkunde, Universitätsklinikum des Saarlandes, UKS, Kirrberger Str. 1, 66421, Homburg/Saar, Deutschland.

Among ophthalmic diseases dry eye in its various forms, represents an entity with one of the highest prevalences and at the same time the lowest chance for causal therapy. Since some years there is growing evidence that sex hormones play a key role in the formation and course of the disease and thus provide potentially promising approaches for therapy. The objective of this article is to briefly outline current scientific knowledge on the relationship between androgens, estrogens,and progesterones on the one hand and the lacrimal gland and Meibomian glands respectively.