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New products: Firm date on Quartz

The new QUARTZ will be ready to ship on Thursday, November 12th.

I don't have any pictures yet - sorry. Here is a picture of the Onyix... picture this made of a CLEAR material. Onyix and Quartz are foamless slim silicone shields for night eye protection.

Here's a link to Quartz in the Dry Eye Shop.

I am excited about this one. The only other clear night products I'm aware of are post-LASIK style goggles and they are not made to last (nor are they terribly comfortable or effective) and the very costly disposable clear shields from Medtronic. This one is going to be great for a lot of niche uses, including elderly folks at risk of falls in the night. And while it does fog, in my personal testing of it, it's not too much of a stretch to imagine you could do some bedtime reading with it on. I've even used it while typing at the computer.