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Turning around a sour Restasis experience

Some of you may have read earlier coverage like this old post about financial disputes emanating from Restasis' troubled past.

I was interested to read recently that Restasis inventor Renee Kaswan has started a nonprofit website, IP Advocate. She's using her experience of getting the short end of the Restasis stick to work to help other researchers navigate the complex world of intellectual property rights. I love seeing negative experiences be put to work for good.

Dr. Kaswan has quite an ambitious agenda for her new nonprofit:

To SERVE as a repository of Intellectual Property (IP) Best Practices.
To PROMOTE ethical commercialization of innovations on behalf of the public welfare.
To ENCOURAGE mutually beneficial relationships between institutions of higher learning and their researchers.
To CULTIVATE innovation in American universities as a valuable national resource.
To ESTABLISH a forum for open dialogue and information exchange among faculty, students, researchers and other interested parties.
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