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Drug news: Preservative free glaucoma med in UK

First preservative-free ophthalmic prostaglandin for glaucoma now available in the UK
Pharmiweb, Sept 3 2009

Hoddesdon, 3rd September 2009 — ‘Saflutan’TM?(tafluprost), the first preservative-free ophthalmic prostaglandin in the UK, is now available for the reduction of elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) in the most common type of glaucoma (open angle glaucoma) and in ocular hypertension. Treatment with tafluprost has been shown to provide sustained IOP control with a clinical study showing a 33% mean reduction in IOP. Unlike tafluprost, all other prostaglandins currently available for glaucoma contain a preservative that can cause adverse reactions in some patients including burning, itching, tearing or dry-eye sensation.

According to a multinational Phase III study involving 533 patients, tafluprost provided significant reductions in IOP (7.0mmHg at 24 months)....

David Wright, Chief Executive of the International Glaucoma Association commented: "The prostaglandin and prostamide analogue eye drops used for the control of intraocular pressure (IOP) in glaucoma represent the greatest advance in glaucoma treatment of recent years. The introduction of Saflutan is a particularly welcome addition to the range of these most powerful medications because its preservative-free formulation will allow those patients who are allergic to preservatives to benefit from the control of IOP offered by this class of medication that was hitherto unavailable".